Why are you blaming the energy companies for rising prices? You should be blaming your Government.

Green policies and now net zero, are a de facto declaration of war on fossil fuel energy companies. These companies have not only cut back on investment in new gas and oil fields, but also, their access to areas rich in gas and oil has been stopped by Government policies. Governments all over the world have made it harder and harder for fossil fuel energy companies to operate, and the lockdowns during the pandemic cut demand to such an extent that fossil fuel energy generators cut their operations to the bone. Now that countries are opening up again, the energy companies are not ramping up supply and so we face steep rises in the wholesale price of gas and electricity, and to a lesser extent, the price of oil. It’s a supply and demand issue and now hypocritical Governments are calling for more supply of fossil fuels.

The people want cheap energy. Nationalise the energy companies they cry! Make the prices go down! Yet, they don’t seem to understand that the conditions in the energy market have been created by their own Government’s policies and it would take a complete U-Turn to reverse these energy price rises. That means, for example, denying climate change. It means telling populations that their Government’s have been lying to them for the last thirty years. Think that’s going to happen? I don’t, and I cannot see any way that unit prices of electricity and gas will go down much over the next twenty eight years, that, by the way is when we reach 2050, the year chosen to achieve “net zero”. The fact is prices are high and you’ll just have to get used to it. Maybe generate your own electric with solar panels, domestic wind turbines and storage batteries. It doesn’t look like the Government is going to be coming to the rescue anytime soon, so people are going to have to become more self reliant whether they like it or not.

Net Zero: Wage war on fossil fuel energy companies and fuel poverty becomes the norm

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