Neither Sunak nor Truss have a plan to decrease the unit price of energy

The biggest problem that people in the UK face today is the unaffordable unit price of electricity and gas, together with the insane rises in standing charges, yet, neither candidate in the Conservative Leadership Contest have any plan to address this issue. The unit price of energy is driving inflation and, due to the fact that businesses have no “price cap” on energy prices, thousands upon thousands of small businesses are on the brink of bankruptcy right now. You would think this would impel the Government to act immediately, but, nothing is being done. Literally, nothing.

The Government’s actions so far will relieve some effects of the cost of living crisis for poorer folk and people on fixed incomes in the UK. With gas prices set to rise to 12p per KWh and electricity to 50p per KWh in October, the £66 per month payment to energy companies on behalf of every household in the UK will make only a slight difference, but not one penny will be cut from unit prices and that is very, very bad for small businesses. Truss will cut the National Insurance Contribution rise and cut the green levy from fuel bills. First, many poor people, including many pensioners, will gain zero benefit from this tax cut, and green levies on dual fuel energy bills will amount to less than 4% after the October rise, which is forecast to be in the region of 80%.

Sunak, who was forced to U-Turn on his ludicrous idea of paying £200 per household to energy companies, which would be paid back by the billpayer at the rate of £40 a year, thinks more payments to the energy companies will be necessary, so the revised payment of £10 billion to energy companies at a rate of £400 per household, will probably be doubled if Sunak gets into power. He then proposes we move towards “energy security” increasing gas supplies by fracking, opening up gas fields in the North Sea and building Nuclear power plants and offshore wind farms. All this, of course will be music to the ears of huge Corporations who will be gifted hundreds of billions of poundsworth of taxpayer money to build infrastructure that the UK taxpayer will never own. Will rates be capped for the UK consumer of this new energy? Of course not, we’ll be back in the same cycle of rising prices and inflated Corporate profits all paid for by the taxpayer. Sunakered!

So, It appears that both candidates are totally unaware of the catastrophe which is now unfolding at incresing speed. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses will go bust as the new Government looks on helplessly. Huge numbers of people will strike this Winter, while the Government attempts to curb them with new legislation, which will be totally useless in the face of mass strike action that will bring the UK to its knees. Neither candidate is remotely up to the troubles that have been created by the Government that they served in. The incompetence on display is truly mind boggling and I doubt if the Conservative Government will last beyond the Spring of 2023. Public opinion will destroy Government credibility as sure as eggs is eggs and they will be forced to call a General Election.

EMERGENCY: We need a plan to FREEZE the unit cost of electricity and gas to domestic and business users

Why are you blaming the energy companies for rising prices? You should be blaming your Government.

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