My Chickens have started laying again

I have five Salmon Faverolle hens, which are around two years old. Last year, they were “locked down” due to Avian Flu and the restrictions still haven’t been lifted. I have a small indoor area, which has a glass roof and windows, this is where the birds sleep, but now they are housed there twenty four hours a day. Most chickens either stop laying or lay a lot less as the winter approaches. This is due to the lack of light. Once the days begin to lengthen, your birds should start to lay again. Mid winter is around the 4th of February and from this point, you should see more activity in the egg laying department. Salmon Faverolle are a “heritage” breed, which have been around since the 1850’s. They were introduced around the Paris, France area and are “dual purpose”. That is, larger birds good for laying and for the table. I expect most of the birds to be laying fully around the beginning of Spring which is March 21st.

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