Have you received your Alternative Fuel Payment?

If you are “off grid” with regard to mains gas. That is, you have no mains gas meter, you are eligible for a £200 payment from the UK Government. The scheme is being administered by UK Electricity Suppliers who have until the end of February 2023 to pay out. Your electricity supplier will be guided by Government data showing your lack of a gas meter. All meters have numbers, so obviously, folk who have a gas meter number registered at their address will not be eligible. There are approximately two million people in UK without mains gas, and the scheme is sure to miss quite a few folk, at the same time ineligible people could easily receive the benefit in error. Anyway, if you don’t receive your payment by the end of February, you can register on the .gov website. There is no way to register at the moment as the Government are hoping the plan to pay via the Energy Companies will work out OK. I’m with Eon Next and I’m still waiting for my payment even though I have infromed them that I am elegible. The clock is ticking.

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