Energy: no to nationalisation, yes to de-centralisation

Whatever you think about climate change, it’s certain that fossil fuels are finite and that means we have to find alternatives. Net Zero Legislation in UK put a timeline on finding that solution and we are now just 28 years away from the dealine set in UK law. First, that target is totally unachievable and is causing huge amounts of stress for the common man (and woman). We are told we need £15,000 heatpumps and £40,000 electric vehicles, but the last time I looked at my bank account, I had £300, so looks like I will have to do without heat in Winter and I’m going to have to rely on public transport to get about. Lucky me! I’m not alone, there are a lot of folk like me in the UK and that’s why Net Zero ain’t going to be achieved by 2050. Now, maybe if you said 2150, I could accept that, but 2050? No chance.

We are told there will be vast swathes of offshore wind turbines, huge solar farms, and hydrogen coming out the wazoo, but this is pure bullshit and everyone knows it. In twelve years, we’ve built 11,000 wind turbines and have lots of solar panels, but our electricity is soon to be 60p due to lack of energy supply. Millions of people in the UK will be in fuel poverty in 2023 and that’s the result of killing the output of fossil fuel energy companies with regulation and legislation. I’m not a fan of centralised power anymore, simply because I can no longer afford it. I want cheap electricity and that, for me means generating it myself with solar panels, domestic wind turbines and storage batteries. I consume 180 KWh per month (down from 350 KWh per month). I can easily generate my own electric and save the “grid” the trouble. All I need is £15,000, so, I say to the Government, give me the cash and I’ll solve your problem, just stop giving taxpayers cash to large energy companies whose only motivation is profit.

How do you nationalise nationalised EDF?

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