29p per KWh is unaffordable, so, let’s spend £29 billion and freeze it

Starmer’s plan is crazy and is yet another grandstanding “scheme” that harks back to the days of bread and circuses. “Who wants a price freeze?” is the cry, and it seems most folk are happy with the Labour Leaders’ cunning plan to outfox the greedy energy companies. But do they realise that Starmer is simply proposing to pay £29 billion in lost revenue direct to the energy companies? Yet another gift from the British taxpayer. And, do they realise that the £66 a month discount on their energy bills will be cancelled? I’m sure the energy companies are very happy with the plan, and I’m sure Prince Charles is chuffed to bits with this “universal assistance” because, of course, he’s fretting about paying the energy bills on all his properties, just like the Queen and Rishi Sunak and the other millionaires and billionaires of Britain.

Starmer has failed to grasp the fact that hundreds of thousands of small businesses will go bust this Winter due to energy price rises. What protection is there for them? Business energy rates have no cap, but maybe Starmer is unaware of that, who knows? So, let the millionaires pay their own bills and let’s look after the poor folk. Get benefit rates up, get business energy prices capped. Get tax rates down to put more money in workers pockets, lower VAT rates, and please, let’s get big subsidies going on domestic solar, wind turbines and storage batteries, so that we can de-centralise energy supply. The energy companies haven’t increased supplies of fossil fuels to meet demand, but, that’s what you wanted isn’t it? Net Zero demands a cut in fossil fuels, doesn’t it? The politicians have created this problem, so it’s time they sorted their own mess out and stop blaming others.

Energy: no to nationalisation, yes to de-centralisation

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