The UK needs to reduce DEMAND for electricity and that means domestic solar panels, wind turbines and storage batteries

In UK, the energy supply companies are on the brink of bankruptcy. As prices rise, so demand drops and people cease paying their bills. There are already huge holes in these companies finances and it’s going to get a lot worse. They are proposing a solution which consists of the UK Government paying them £100 billion over the next two years so that unit prices of energy can be frozen at the current rate (29p per KWh for electric and 7p per KWh for gas). However, this solves nothing, demand will continue to be high this Winter and the “scheme” will probably have to be extended to three or even five years. The simple fact is, energy prices are going to remain high for many years to come.

So, it’s time the UK started to decrease demand on the National Grid. The demand for energy is the problem, that’s why we’re burning loads of gas and topping it up with coal fired power costing £5,900 per MWh. Even a small reduction in demand will eliminate coal being required as a source of energy. That’s why, instead of giving £100 billion to bankrupt energy suppliers whose parent companies are making £billions, we should be spending the cash on rolling out domestic solar, wind turbines and storage batteries at zero cost to the householder. £100 billion gets you six million homes converted to solar with battery storage and that is a massive saving in the amount of electricity demanded for The National Grid. The goal of solar panels on every rooftop in the UK will cost many £billions, but, it is the only way to achieve net zero targets, which the UK has now enshirined in law. Time to crush the nergy suppliers and look after the citizens of this country.

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