The Greens want energy prices frozen at last Autumns rate, but why not freeze energy prices at 1965 rates?

The Green Party want to nationalise the big five energy suppliers in the UK at a cost of £2.8 billion. They also want energy prices to be frozen at Autumn 2021 rates (21p per KWh for electricity and 4p per KWh for gas). How much will that cost? About £37 billion say the Greens. So, that means they want the price frozen for six months just like Starmer’s plan. Do the Greens actually realise that the price of electricity will be 60p per KWh under the price cap in June 2023? Do they realise that the jump from 21p per KWh to 60p per KWh is around 200%?

I think The Green Party have this all wrong, let’s put unit prices of electricity and gas back to 1965 levels and just borrow to fund it. Shouldn’t cost more than £400 billion a year, I guess. The Green Party don’t seem to understand that energy is making up about a third of UK inflation, and while folk may be able to well afford electricity and gas at 1965 levels (1p a KWh), they certainly won’t be able to afford food which is subject to huge rises caused by the inflation from printing cash to pay peoples’ wages (The furlough “scheme”), then again maybe the Greens have another cunning “scheme” to deal with this too. We shall wait with bated breath.

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