Please, not another Rishi “scheme”

Rishi Sunak appears to be willing to promise anything to anyone in his bid to become the UK’s next PM. He wants people to think that he is capable of solving all problems known to man. The brainpower of this man is quite simply, awesome, isn’t it? He’s already solved the increase in energy prices for us by giving energy companies (who are profitable by the way) £66 a month on behalf of every UK household, to discount our bills. Then again, maybe his brain isn’t that awesome as he appears not to have worked out that the average monthly energy bill will now be £500 after the 77% rise in October.

But no matter, Rishi’s schemes continue to pour out of him like water from a tap. His latest one is to charge people £10 if they miss a GP appointment. This is, of course one of the top problems that the UK faces today and is much more important than the problems small businesses face with crippling energy bills. Maybe the £10 fines that Rishi’s scheme brings in will pay off the National Debt in record time? How many ten pound notes are there in £2.4 trillion again? No, I’m sorry Rishi, this latest scheme shows yet again how out of touch you actually are with the real concerns of the UK population. And what of the administration involved in collecting those £10 fines? What if folk simply don’t pay the £10? Do you issue a fixed penalty notice (you know, like the one you got recently)? Do you enforce a charge on someone’s property to get your £10? Send the Bailiff’s round?

All Rishi’s schemes have been worse than useless, and this is another one for the trash pile. Here’s a quote from the Gazette & Herald, a local British newspaper… “Christine Mott, practice manager at Eldene Surgery, says the problem of missed appointments is chronic. She says some 32 per cent of appointments to see the practice nurse are not kept. But she said, by not booking GP appointments further than 24 hours in advance, the problem of people missing those has been largely solved.” You see Rishi, book appointments no further than 24 hours in advance and the problem is “largely solved”. Maybe Rishi should read local papers more, because he obviously is way out of touch with the UK electorate. You really think this man can win the next General Election? Really?

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