MP’s should support the war against Putin by NOT claiming their energy bill payments on expenses

Boris Johnson the lovely man, says that UK citizens should “endure” the energy price rises to “counter Russian aggression”. That’s energy price rises of 54% in April 2022, 80% in October 2022, 52% (forecast) in January 2023, and a further 22% (forecast) in April, when a KWh of electricity will rise to £1. Even Nadhim Zahawi, the current Chancellor of the Exchequer was quoted as saying “The reality is that we should all look at our energy consumption. It is a difficult time. There is war on our continent.” Well, there we have it, suck it up, there’s a war on. Now, that’s all well and good, but, we have the slight problem that MP’s are getting their energy bills paid on their expenses. So, while we suck it up, they’ll be basking in their warm homes at the expense of the taxpayer. Boris Johnson is whiling his time away at Chequers, a grand old country house, heated at the taxpayers expense, while Nadhim Zahawi made the “mistake” of claiming the heat for his horses stables on his expenses. Wow, such hypocrisy, but did we really expect anything different from these over privileged twonks. It’s now time that MP’s began to cut their consumption of energy, and outlawing energy costs on expenses is the very least they can do.

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