Has Priti Patel forgotten she signed a “removal” deal with Albania?

Just over twelve months ago, Priti Patel signed a deal with Albania allowing the UK to remove Albanians who had no right to be in the country. We now learn that 40% of folk crossing the channel from France to UK are, in fact, Albanians. Last year, 28,000 people landed on UK beaches in dinghies and small boats, just 80 of those people were sent back. The UK’s agreement with Albania covers failed asylum seekers, foreign national offenders (FNOs), and individuals who have overstayed their visas. In addition to making up 40% of those crossing to UK in small boats, Albanian nationals also make up the largest number of foreign national offenders in UK prisons totalling 16% of the FNO population.

Prices will not be going down, so, get used to it

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