FREE heat from UK Government

The Alternative Fuel Payment offers to pay for £200 of heating fuel for people who aren’t connected to mains gas (i.e. people who don’t have a gas meter). If you are connected to the electricity grid, the £200 would have been paid by your energy provider, either into your online energy account or directly into your bank account. In my case, unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so I applied via the UK Government website.

I usually pay for my fuel by cash, but the UK Government requires fuel receipts before they will pay out the £200, so, I ordered sixteen bags of smokeless fuel from my supplier at a cost of £203.07. The receipt must have all the details required by UK Government (see the website for details). I took an image of the receipt and uploaded it with my claim. The process can take up to six weeks, so you’ll need to be patient.

If you’re NOT connected to mains gas, you can apply for your Alternative Fuel Payment by following this link…

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