Care Homes may have to shut down due to rising energy and food costs

The energy crisis is starting to cripple businesses in the UK. Businesses do not have their energy prices capped and there are now many instances of energy price rises around the 600% mark. Some businesses are being asked to provide deposits up to £10,000 before new contracts are agreed. The hospitality sector is being hit hard, but so are schools, colleges and most worryingly, care homes. A survey of care homes carried out by the Independent Care Group found 96% are experiencing soaring costs, from energy to staffing, and some care homes are having to cut back on food as prices soar. Care homes have to maintain higher room temperatures due to the frailty of some of the residents, so they can’t just turn the heating down or off to save cash. Staffing levels have fallen in care homes too as then Health Secretary Sajid Javid hounded thousands of unvaxxed care staff out of the business saying they should “get out and get another job”. That policy has led to bed blocking in NHS hospitals as places are difficult to find in the care sector. Care homes are hanging on for now, but when they go bust, they will go quickly. The time for solving the problem is rapidly running out.

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