Boris Johnson thinks the solution to The Energy Crisis is to buy a new kettle

We haven’t heard much from Boris Johnson over the last few weeks, and now we know why. Looks like he’s been working hard to come up with solutions for hard pressed folks looking at 80% increases in their energy bills which kick in on October 1st. One of his solutions is more nuclear power, but the Prime Minister points out that it’s The Labour Party, and nasty Nick Clegg, that effectively blocked nuclear power. He seems to forget that the Conservatives have had a majority since 2015, so could have “fast tracked” nuclear as a priority. He also has a problem remembering that the Conservatives stopped subsidising domestic solar power, and that the last time they did this, over 50,000 workers were made redundant practically overnight. What about onshore wind that was stopped due to being “unsightly”? Nothing whatsoever to do with Nick Clegg or The Labour Party.

But, but, wait. Boris Johnson has a practical tip that will help everybody to save money on energy this Winter. He’s obviously spent many sleepless nights on this solution, and it is… “buy a new kettle”. Yes, there it is folks, buying a new kettle (I presume he means an electric kettle), will, not may, will, save you the grand total of £10 a year. Why did the Conservatives get rid of this man? Eton’s finest strikes again. Just one problem Mr Johnson, electric kettles average at least £20, so the “saving” will only come in year three. So, it looks like Johnson wasn’t working hard on the Cost of Living Crisis after all. If he had been, he would probably know that a person paying for energy by pre-payment meter would have been spending £125 a month last year, compared to £625 a month this year, so, I wonder what they’ll be thinking of this cunning plan to save a tenner a year?

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