Andrea Leadsom is more concerned with voter perception of Conservative MP’s than with actual sewage on actual beaches

I found it very strange when, yesterday, Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom tweeted a link to a GB News item which sought to explain that Conservative MP’s were not in any way responsible for raw sewage polluting English beaches at the height of the holiday season…

Andrea Leadsom tweeted to deflect blame from Conservative MP’s

But, this wasn’t an off the cuff, knee jerk reaction type of tweet, in fact several Conservative MP’s used the same text and link in what appeared to be a co-ordinated attempt to deflect blame for the shocking actions of the Water Companies. The facts are simple, The Environment Bill could have been written to prevent such occurences, but, it wasn’t, and it’s the Conservative Government that has the eighty seat majority, and it is the Conservative Government and its supporters that are to blame for this disaster. Maybe Conservative MP’s should focus on the damage done to the environment and the damage done to struggling holiday and hospitality businesses by this avoidable event. A little outrage, perhaps, would be more approriate.

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