Thousands of old folk are going to die of hypothermia this winter in UK

Now, some people like to say there is a choice between “eat” or “heat”. That’s nonsense. That is simply a soundbite made up for dim witted politicians to parrot to the disinterested masses. You seriously think people are going to sit in front of a gas fire until they starve to death? As I said nonsense.

There is only one choice when energy prices have risen 400% in two years, and that is, to eat while wearing warm clothing. Millions of old people won’t even dream of putting their heating on this winter, they will be too scared to run up debts. Sunak’s BAILOUT of the energy companies this winter is a disgrace. He has borrowed £10 billion and will pay energy companies £400 per UK household, because he knows full well that millions of folk won’t be paying their bills, because, they simply, can’t.

Many old people haven’t a clue how much electricity or gas they use, so they will simply switch off and put on a jumper or stay in bed. Sunak knows this, but rather than give poor folk more money though the benefits system, he invents another “scheme” which he calls “universal assistance”. This “assistance” means people who have ZERO problem paying their bills will be “helped”. People like the Queen (owner of the UK seabed), Prince Charles (who owns Cornwall, FFS), and even Sunak himself will all be “asssisted”. I even saw Sunak on TV stating they could give the money to charity. First, Sunak, no-one is getting £400 (it goes direct to the energy companies), so how do you pay that money to charity? Second, why not be charitable and pay the money out in benefits or increased pensions? Or is that too simple for Fishy Rishi? Where is the adulation, for him, in that?

We have seen electricity prices rise by 400% in two years and we are still paying “green levies” and VAT which amount to 30% of the bill. That’s 30% that could be cut tommorrow. The average MP gets expenses to the tune of £175,000 and they get assistance with their energy bills. In fact, every MP who has a second home will have £800 paid to the energy companies on their behalf and I have no doubt they’ll still be claiming energy on their expenses (“it was a mistake, honest”).

So, it’s looking like a “winter of discontent” will soon be upon us, but tens of thousands of old folk won’t make it to Spring 2023 and that is a tragedy in the fifth largest economy in the world.

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