£4,483 energy subsidy for every household in the UK

The Liz Truss energy plan designed to “freeze” the unit cost of electriciy and gas until April 1st 2024 will cost £4,483 for every household in the UK. Now, it may be intended to save lives due to cold in Winter, but, the Government do not seem to realise that a lot of people can’t actually afford the current high energy prices and they may not feel able to turn on their heating even at these “frozen” rates. Also, the plan helps multi-millionaires like Prince Charles more that poorer families, because Prince Charles will receive multiple discounts for his many residences whereas poor people, and average income families, tend to live in just the one residence. The reality is that for £4,483 you could get a reasonable solar system installed on your property which would reduce your electric bills, reduce demand on the National Grid and go a long way to achieving net zero targets. I’m now wondering if the Liz Truss plan is as bad, if not worse than the Starmer Plan.

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