This Is Existential

I think quite a few Conservative MP’s are coming round to the fact that Theresa May’s failure to leave the EU on 29th March 2019 has created an existential threat to the Conservative Party. The rise of The Brexit Party has been quite remarkable, and it is clear to anyone, where their voters are coming from.

Once again, the Conservative vote has been split, meaning they have no chance whatsoever of winning the next General Election. That means donations are, and will, dry up. Their rivals in The Brexit Party will benefit from those donations and use the money to put a better organisation together ready to fight any coming election.

By any measure, the Conservatives are now finished. Many MP’s will lose their seats and they can forget about a career in British politics.

The “vote Farage get Corbyn” mantra could be a powerful one, if anyone was listening. Unfortunately, the electorate have switched off when it comes to the Conservatives.

That is probably why the parliamentary party of MP’s are looking seriously at Boris Johnson to lead them.

I really can’t see Hunt, Gove, Stewart, Leadsom or even Raab, being able to turn the electorate away from Nigel Farage’s latest creation. But the fact remains that Johnson must leave without ratifying the Withdrawal Agreement on 31st October 2019.

We don’t owe the EU £39 billion, we haven’t signed an international treaty agreeing to an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, and we must not agree to accepting EU law onto the UK statute without representation.

The only path open to the Conservatives is to leave with no deal, ignoring any non-binding votes in the House of Commons. The only way Parliament can take over this process is, if the new Government let them as Theresa May did.

A new PM could revoke Article 50, or ask for another extension, but, again, that would be political suicide.

The Conservative Leadership Contest will finish in two weeks. Let’s hope they make the right choice this time. They’re going to have to.

By the way, the dithering over Brexit has already cost 35,000 well paid jobs in the manufacturing/heavy industry sectors. Inward investment is going to dry up, until such time as the UK decides whether it wants to be in, or out, of the EU.

Leave or Remain are still the only choices.


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