There Is Only One Way Parliament Can Stop A Hard Brexit

Theresa May, after her deal suffered the largest defeat in UK Parliamentary history, put her deal once more to the House of Commons. Could she win? Not a chance in hell. The only reason for putting the deal to a vote again was to allow Parliament to take control of the timetable of the House and put forward a bill requiring the PM to ask for an extension. If Theresa May had not put her ludicrous deal to Parliament after the first attempt, the Letwin/Cooper bill would have not seen the light of day.

And so, the meaningful vote as required by law, has been held and no further vote is necessary. Parliamentarians cannot take control again unless the new PM allows it to vote and put forward motions. A private members bill could be put forward, but, the Government has control of the timetable so can easily make sure time is not allocated.

Therefore, the only way to prevent a the UK leaving the EU without a deal on 31st October 2019 is to bring the new PM and his Government down. This will require at least three Conservative MP’s to vote against the Government in a vote of no confidence. This practically guarantees a General Election and a possible win for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour. But, there could be an upset with The Brexit Party taking a majority, they could certainly be “the Kingmakers”. The Conservatives, of course, would not be seen in power again for the near future, if ever again. Once you have lost the trust of the people, you need to work very hard, over a very long period, to restore it.

The Conservative MP’s who vote against their own Government had better have some cushy jobs to go to. They will never work in politics again, that is guaranteed.

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