The Solution To The EU Problem Is: LEAVE

Since the early nineties, the UK had a problem accepting the EU’s move towards “ever closer union”. What started as a trading club to the advantage of all has now turned into a supra national, undemocratic, nightmare.

The UK pays the fees of a full member, yet is in the second tier. Outside the “eurozone” and excluded from meetings of the top tier eurozone membership.

Something had to give. Political parties were split. UKIP were taking more and more votes from the traditional parties, mostly due to “free movement” required by the EU’s Single Market.

Cameron’s referendum was inevitable. That leave would win, was inevitable. It is now time for “remainers” to accept that the only way for them to triumph is to leave on 31st October 2019, preferably with no deal.

There can only be two outcomes. The first being that the UK makes a great success of life outside the EU. Trade will not cease with the EU. The UK could easily succeed without the restrictions imposed by Brussels.

On the other hand, if the remainers are correct, the future will be bleak. A minimum of ¬£250 Billion will be wiped from the UK’s GDP. The UK will become an international pariah, unable to borrow money on the world markets. After a few years, the UK will beg to become a full member of the EU, accepting the Euro and the concept of “ever closer union”. The UK will then take its rightful place at the centre of the Eurozone.

What is not to like? Remainers are convinced the UK cannot survive outside the EU, so it is obvious that the second option is the more realistic outcome. But the attempted destruction of our democratic process by devout remainers is not acceptable, and is simply driving more and more people into voting for parties committed to leaving the EU as a democratic right.

To put this problem to bed once and for all, we need to leave the EU with no deal on 31st October 2019 and put faith in our democratic and economic systems.¬†Fully in the EU or fully out, the UK will thrive. Being half in and half out is proving to be a disaster. If you don’t believe me, ask the 10,000 automotive workers or the 25,000 steel workers who have already lost their jobs due to our dithering Government and weak leaders.

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