The Attempt To Thwart Democracy Is Quite Breathtaking

The largest turnout of voters, ever, saw Leave gain more votes than Remain. The Government promised to honour the result of the “once in a lifetime” referendum. The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, then worked on a plan to fool the electorate into thinking she was committed to Brexit, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The plan resulted in Theresa May signing the draft Withdrawal Agreement on behalf of the UK. In 2017 she ran on a manifesto that contained the mantra “no deal is better than a bad deal”. Her “deal” suffered the largest defeat in parliamentary history when presented to the commons for a vote. Her deal is a “bad deal”, no argument will make that not so.

Yet, in the Tory Leadership contest, Rory Stewart was lauded by the press for his “sensible” proposition that the Withdrawal Agreement was a good deal which simply needed to be explained to MP’s who opposed it. Once they “got it”, the deal would be voted through the commons with a clear majority. “What would you change about the Withdrawal Agreement to make it acceptable to parliamentarians Rory?”. His reply? “Nothing, I would change nothing”. This is pure fantasy which anyone can see through, yet the main stream media got behind “the next Prime Minister” who was “giving Boris a run for his money”.

Pure, unadulterated propaganda. Rory Stewart had no chance whatsoever of getting anywhere near number 10. At the same time as “bigging up” Rory’s chances, the main stream media launched a campaign to destroy Boris Johnson, a campaign which is very much alive as I write. The BBC even wheeled on an anti-Semitic Imam to accuse Johnson of “racism”. The less said about Channel 4’s debate, the better. Even today, Johnson is up to “dirty tricks” in the leadership ballot. As to those “dirty tricks”, I actually read that Johnson feared Stewart so much that his supporters worked it so that Stewart would fall in yesterday’s ballot. So, Boris Johnson was terrified that Rory Stewart would beat him? Seriously? Where are you going for your holidays? Mars? This is the stuff of the lunatic asylum, it is certainly not serious journalism.

Large multi-national companies producing polluting, fossil fueled powered vehicles, stand to lose £billions if the UK leaves with no deal and reverts to WTO terms. How much are they willing to pay into MP’s “war chests” and to main stream media outlets to achieve their desired result, that being that the UK remains in the EU forever, or at the very least tied to a customs union (the backstop)?


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