Sir Kim Darroch’s Position Is Untenable

‘A person appointed by national government to conduct official negotiations and maintain political, economic and social relations to another country.’ Is the very definition of the UK Ambassadors job. However, Sir Kim Darroch is now the subject of the President of The United States wrath. He is to be shunned, and the only way he can carry out his role now is to watch CNN news for updates on the Trump Administration. 

Theresa May and her sidekick Jeremy Hunt have voiced their support for Sir Kim, but, the fact is that a Diplomat who has no access to the people in power is no use to anyone. It is true that candid opinions are expressed on both sides but the “leak” possibly by “the Russians”, has made the UK Ambassadors position untenable and he should be removed from his post today.

And does it really help the UK’s position when the Foreign Secretary admonishes the President of The United States…on Twitter? What does Jeremy Hunt think this is? A Game? The UK will need all the help it can get once the country leaves the EU, and Donald Trump has shown willingness to do a quick trade deal to mitigate losses from EU trade. The cancellation of Liam Fox’s meeting with the US Trade Secretary is a total disaster which could easily have been avoided, had Calamity May, recalled her US Ambassador. In my opinion, the sooner Darroch, May, and Hunt leave mainstream politics, the better the country will fare.

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