Shubb C1b Capo Review

The Shubb C1b capo is designed for steel string guitars and it fits most acoustics and electrics. After 50 years of guitar playing, I recently bought one of these capo’s when my cheapo gave up the ghost and refused to hold the strings tightly, so my guitar sounded a bit like a cheese grater.

Well, to be honest, I should have bought one of these 50 years ago. I’m sure I’d still have it, as the build quality is superb and it’s made from solid brass. One of the best things about this capo is that it is adjustable so it will fit any shape neck, whether wide or narrow. There is a small screw and spring so the capo can be minutely adjusted for a custom fit.

I did find the capo a bit fiddly to get on the guitar at first, but, once you have the knack it is very easy and quick to fit and remove. It is a compact design too, so that it sits out of the way of your fingers unlike my last bulky cheap capo.

I like this capo very much and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about playing guitar. Today we have so many cheap products to choose from, it seems we have forgotten the fact that if you buy quality, it will save you so many problems in the future. I do believe sincerely that my Shubb C1b capo will last a very long time and it is money well spent.

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