Second Referendum = EU Extension

I can easily see the EU giving the UK another extension. The Commission is being lobbied hard by German automakers who will do anything to preserve their customs union with the UK. Food producers are also happy for the UK’s membership of the EU to continue indefinitely. Huge sums of money are at stake and UK political parties need cash to fight elections. Work it out for yourself.

If Labour come out in favour of a second referendum then they are also in favour of a further extension, because, more time will be required to organise such a vote. There needs to be legislation put forward to a vote in the commons, and there are strict rules laid down by the electoral commission to allow for proper debate.

But, what, exactly is the argument for a second referendum? The first hasn’t been implemented, so why should we have a second? The remainers are crowing about the “sovereignty of parliament”, yet the same people wish to include Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement on a ballot, the same “deal” that parliamentarians voted down by over 200 votes, the largest defeat in parliamentary history. I think the argument “parliamentarians can’t decide, so give it to the people” is, quite frankly, insane.

No, the better route is a General Election via a vote of no confidence. Why Labour would declare for a second referendum before a tabling a vote of no confidence has me perplexed to say the least. It certainly shows a lack of discipline in the party. The fact is, a second referendum is a road to nowhere.


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