Proroguing Boris?

Propaganda about Boris proroguing Parliament abounds in today’s papers.

Fake news I’m afraid, designed to harm his Conservative Party Leadership bid.

Boris Johnson, should he become the next Prime Minister, has no need to consider proroguing Parliament to prevent a vote on no deal.

First, there will be no vote on leaving the EU without a deal. The law is clear, the UK’s “exit day” is now 31st October 2019 and Parliamentarians cannot change the law without Government assistance. MP’s voted to have an “exit day”, they will now have to live with that decision.

Second, the vote yesterday showed that the Government can beat a vote of no confidence or another move to take over Parliament.

By accusing Boris of considering proroguing Parliament, the mainstream media is attempting to show him up as a hard right dictator. It is just another aspect of “project fear”.

For the 17.4 million who voted to leave the EU in 2016, they can take comfort from the fact that there could now be two routes to a no deal exit from the EU. The first could be Boris Johnson delivering what the Conservatives promised. But, if he doesn’t get us out on 31st October 2019, the fall back position is provided by Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party.

Yesterday’s vote which defeated the cross party motion to take over the business of Parliament on 25th June, can, in my opinion, be put down to The Brexit Party’s showing at the EU elections and, indeed, the Peterborough by-election. The threat from Nigel Farage is very real.

MP’s now have a choice, get out of the EU on 31st October 2019 or risk losing their job.

Playtime is over.

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