Preparing Outside Areas for Sale of House

1 We were invited to quote for assistance in the preparation of a house for sale in the Chew Moor area of Bolton. The outside area required a large amount of work, and, while we can carry out interior painting and minor repairs, this work had already been carried out to the owners satisfaction.

The front of the house had a feature driveway which was covered in weeds and very dirty. The side and back of the house had been paved with Indian stone, and while the paving was very dirty, the pointing was sound. We recommended that the whole of the outside area be jetwashed and the driveway be resanded. Our jetwash machine is powerful enough to blast away most weeds from the joints whilst taking care not to undermine the foundation.



There was a custom built raised planter to the rear of the property which was wildly overgrown and filthy. It was necessary to take out the weeds and add new soil. We would have planted the area but the weather was very hot and watering would have been a problem.


The Indian stone to the rear of the property was also jetwashed.


Pathways were overgrown and dirty. These were cleared and jetwashed clean.


Pathways cleared and cleaned.


Overall the owner was very pleased and the property was sold a few weeks later.



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