Populism Is A Dirty Word

David Gauke appears to dislike “populist politicians” who tell the electorate “what they want to hear”. He, along with several others in Theresa May’s Government, including May herself, “negotiated” the worst deal in history, now known as The Withdrawal Agreement. Mrs May actually signed this document. These politicians treat the electorate with contempt by holding teleconferences with large Multi-National Corporations to gauge the views of around 150 CEO’s on the details of the UK’s “transition” from EU member to EU satellite. The Withdrawal Agreement was never intended to allow an “independent trade policy” for the UK. Once the UK ceases to be a member of the EU, not one of the free trade agreements negotiated by the EU will apply to the UK and a “customs arrangement” provides a tariff free backdoor into the UK market for any  non EU country with a FTA. The Backstop is a de facto Customs Union that the UK can never leave without EU approval. Why would the EU even consider letting the UK operate as an independent trading nation? The Withdrawal Agreement is simply designed to fool the electorate into thinking we have left the EU when nothing could be further from the truth. That is the reason it failed by the largest vote in parliamentary history. Theresa May was even on the phone to her 150 CEO’s while at the same time ignoring the DUP, the political party that was allowing her to remain in power.

The Conservative Party allowed the referendum to take place. They agreed to abide by the result. It was a “once in a lifetime” vote. Theresa May’s Government then proceeded to backtrack on their commitments using every dirty trick in the book. Democracy must trump economics or else this country is screwed. When you run a “first past the post” system, and have done for hundreds of years, you have to abide by the “populist” vote. The most “popular” party wins in our system, but when the result doesn’t suit the Globalist agenda, “populism” becomes associated with negativity. It becomes almost evil to be popular. Large multi-national corporations in the UK are involved in the production of fossil fuel powered transport. This makes up the bulk of trade between the EU and the UK. The minimum requirement to carry on this trade is a customs union, or, as in the Backstop, a “customs arrangement”. Dirty diesel engines and vehicles travel back and forth while large cities in the UK impose “pollution” taxes on the customers who buy these products. Everyone, but the poor old punter, wins.

The UK is being held to ransom by large multi-nationals who will up sticks and move on at the drop of a hat leaving thousands jobless. Their cash has polluted our Parliament. The “exit day” of 29th March 2019 was voted into law by a large majority of MP’s. Now, just a couple of years later, those same MP’s appear to be saying “but we didn’t know what we were voting for”. Sorry, the situation is very transparent to anyone who cares to look. Fossil fuel powered vehicle manufacturers have flooded our political system with huge amounts of cash. They have £BILLIONS, while the UK citizen has just ONE vote. Hundreds of years of democratic heritage is being destroyed yet all David Gauke and his ilk are worried about is the rise of “populism”. What we are witnessing is nothing less than an attempted Globalist takeover of our democratic system. They did the same thing in the 30’s. Rich industrialists fed up with democracy piled huge amounts of money into post war Germany, supporting the National Socialists and their leader Adolf Hitler. It was an “experiment” to create a dictatorship that didn’t need to be “popular”. It is certainly not the “populists” we need to fear, and “populism” should never be a dirty word in a free society.

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