Parliamentarians Attempt To Take Over Government Timetable

An extraordinary decision by Commons Speaker John Bercow to allow Labour to table a Commons business motion, which would normally be the preserve of the Government has led to a cross party motion being put forward today in Parliament. If voted through, Parliamentarians will take over business in the house on June 25th allowing them to introduce and fast forward a Bill to thwart the new PM’s attempt to leave the EU with no deal. Any candidate for the Conservative Party Leadership who votes for the motion can be expected to be eliminated with a loss of Ministerial privileges and loss of the Conservative whip. De-selection processes have already started in some Conservative Associations and these can be expected to increase as we get nearer the “exit day” of 31st October 2019.

Forcing a new Government to accept a deal from the EU or revoke Article 50 could lead to a snap General Election. Letwin’s and Grieve’s argument appears to be “we can’t leave without a deal, it would wreck the economy, better to force a General Election that Corbyn would win”.

If you can make sense of that, please let me know.

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