Parliament Ignores The Electorate

The EU elections proved that the people who voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum are still a major force in UK politics. They will not go away and they will split the Labour and Conservative vote at any future election.

Yet Parliamentarians do not even acknowledge them. They continue to conspire to prevent the UK leaving the EU with no deal even though the law is clear that the UK’s exit date is set for 31st October 2019. Parliamentarians cannot change that law. However, with the unprecedented help of the Speaker of the House of Commons, they can introduce new laws and fast track them onto the statute. They could require the new PM to ask for yet another extension, but they would have no case if, for example, the next PM asked for 24 hours. I doubt the MP’s voting to prevent Parliament being closed down would succeed. The Government has that power and can use it at will.

A business motion will be put forward today in order to take over the House of Commons timetable on 25th June. This will present an opportunity for Parliamentarians to introduce new law onto the statute.

It is almost as if the local elections and EU elections never took place.

Hopefully, many of these “patriotic” MP’s will be thrown on the scrapheap at the next General Election.

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