While Gove was Minister for Education, he oversaw the implementation of reprimands for Teachers who took hard drugs like Cocaine and Heroin for example.

The penalty would be for those Teachers to be struck off and never allowed to teach again in the UK.

Having now confessed to taking Cocaine himself, the potential Leader of the Conservatives, has suffered a backlash from the mainstream media which has probably scuppered any chance he had of becoming the next Prime Minister.

Hopefully, he will now withdraw from the contest as soon as possible.

Macron states that the UK’s failure to pay the £39 billion “debt” to the EU, which will probably end up over £100 billion, will result in a “sovereign debt default”.

This is totally ridiculous from any angle you care to look at it.

The UK has not borrowed a penny from the EU. Certain “liabilities” may become payable in the future, such as the UK’s backing of loans to indebted member nations, and there may be pension liabilities, but I actually doubt this. To bundle every conceivable liability the UK may, into a variable sum starting at £39 billion was a ludicrous suggestion in the first place, and the fact that a British Prime Minister actually put a signature to this clap trap shows the depths that this once great country has sunk to.

To Macron, we must say…the UK has never defaulted on a legitimate debt and it never will.

Macron is threatening the UK’s ability to borrow on the open market and that is no less than an act of war. If you think the fall out from a hard Brexit may be bad, it will be nothing when compared to the UK being unable to borrow to fund the gap between tax receipts and expenditure. The cuts would be very deep and make the current “austerity” look like a walk in the park. Bye bye state pensions for a start.

The UK will pay any legitimate liability it has to the EU as and when those liabilities become due.

Further, the UK has an international treaty with the Republic of Ireland and that treaty will be honoured just as the UK has always honoured any international treaty it has entered into (a fact that makes the Withdrawal Treaty so toxic).

Macron would be better served trying to improve his approval rating with the people of France.

He could be a hero in the UK though. All he has to do is veto any extension of membership for the UK beyond 31st October 2019. Other than that, the UK has no use for the likes of Macron.

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Why is the UK Government passing a law to end fossil fuel emissions by 2050?

The Chancellor has stated for the record that it will cost the UK £1 TRILLION (one million, million pounds). At the same time, the world’s top polluters have made no such commitment and look set to continue polluting the planet.

Just another lunatic Conservative policy in my opinion. I doubt that the majority of politicians in UK will be happy until the UK is the world’s 50th or 60th largest economy. They truly seem intent on bankrupting us by preventing any company in this country from competing like for like with their competitors. We’re sitting on billions of tons of coal, while China builds a coal fired power station every week.

Cheap energy is required to compete on the world stage.

The decision by the UK Government to commit to the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme till 2022 will cost 25,000 jobs in the UK steel industry and has cost the taxpayer £120 million, a figure it is unlikely to get back as it was immediately paid from British Steel to the EU and British Steel has now entered administration.

If there was a real threat from global warming, the world would have stopped China and the USA in their tracks. They would be forced immediately to reduce emissions drastically. I repeat, forced.

UK’s unilateral legal commitment to zero emissions is pure lunacy.


I find it very strange that some think Parliamentarians are heroes when attempting to block a hard Brexit. They hail it as “democracy”.

Those same people would be happy if the UK Government were to revoke Article 50 without going to Parliament for a vote. They would hail that as “democracy”.

The facts are that the decision to leave or remain in the EU was given to the people in 2016. That is what the referendum was all about. That is why people voted in the 2017 General Election for parties which stated they would leave the EU.

This denial of democracy is not going to end well for the UK.

I’m not even talking about a Corbyn Government. Our principles of “first past the post” democracy have been severely damaged by the mainstream media (including the BBC) and agitators, bought and paid for by anti democratic entities. The pictures from Corbyn’s protest against Trump last week showed rows and rows of manufactured placards. Demonstrators are paid to be there. Social media is crowded with paid for posts and comments.

This isn’t democracy, this is a war.

The UK automotive trade will lose at least 10,000 jobs very soon. Some have already gone. There will be more. British Steel is in administration with no way to pay back the £120 million of taxpayers money lent to it by the UK Government. The money was immediately paid to the EU for carbon credits. There are estimated to be 25,000 jobs linked to British Steel. They may all be lost.

The EU’s trade deal with Japan has not helped the UK one bit. Japan can take manufacturing back home or set up in the EU if they wish. Tariffs are now a thing of the past. However, if the UK signs up to a customs union with the EU, Japan will also be able to access the UK market tariff free while charging our manufacturers tariffs to import their goods to Japan.

It is fair to say that there is a global slow down and Ford have shed thousands of jobs in China due to car sales collapsing, but the incompetence and dithering of the UK Government is equally to blame for this shambolic situation.

The UK Government have shown no leadership whatsoever. They were simply wrong to sign up to the EU Environmental Trading Scheme until 2022. The EU then decided that UK companies would no longer benefit from free carbon credits and handed a £120 million bill to British Steel. That is gross incompetence. If the UK had left on 29th March 2019, that bill would have not been presented and UK taxpayers money could have been used to revive our steel industry, if that industry was considered viable.

The UK Government have two options. Leave with no deal on 31st October 2019 or revoke article 50.

Any more dithering and thousands more good jobs will be lost.


We are stuck with “deal” or “no deal”, but, that is Theresa May’s creation. Whoever said there had to be a Withdrawal Agreement? Certainly not EU law which states that if no agreement were to be struck, then membership ceases two years from the first invocation of Article 50.

No, the Withdrawal Agreement always was a non starter. Designed simply to bog the UK down in the minutiae of EU law which we should now be free of. The UK Government would have been much better off talking trade with the USA, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Those deals could now be done and we could be starting trade talks with the EU (if we actually wanted to that is).

The UK Government expresses a desire to be “independent” yet gives credence to the false claims of the EU designed to trap and hobble our nation in perpetuity.

For example, the backstop is a ridiculous notion which sets out to re-write an international treaty between the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Nowhere in the British Irish Agreement does it say that an open border between the Republic of Ireland and the UK must be maintained, yet you would think that the British Irish Agreement consisted of just that one clause if you were to believe main stream media. The EU states it is perfectly acceptable to trample on the rights of Unionists to protect the people of Northern Ireland from terrorists. Absolute drivel. Northern Ireland is a sovereign region of the UK, what right does a foreign power have to interfere in our sovereign rights? The EU state that their laws require border checks, well for their information, sovereign nations have border rights too. If terrorism was to become rife, we have a capable armed force to deal with it. The Irish border is literally nothing to do with the EU. It is a matter for the UK and the Republic of Ireland as the signatories of the international treaty they are bound to.

The “divorce bill” of £39 BILLION will certainly balloon to well over that amount. Yet the EU have very few legal claims to any money settlement from the UK. That is an absolute fact and, if, the EU wish to claim money from the UK, they should approach the UK as and when the payments are due. Why is the UK’s “liability” being written into an international treaty? It is quite simply ridiculous.

The EU have threatened the UK for over three years now. They have threatened to block our trucks, ground our planes and not contemplate trade with us until the ludicrous Withdrawal Treaty becomes international law. What a bunch of losers they are. If their club is so great, why do they need to make an example of any member that leaves? Surely countries should be queuing to replace us in this fantastic Supra National entity. Are they?

And what about EU law being written to the UK statute without representation from UK lawmakers. Who would even think up such a thing. In wartime, a defeated nation would possibly have such a clause forced upon them, but why would the UK Government even look at such a suggestion? Not only did they look at it, they signed up to it in November 2018 and then attempted to get it ratified in Parliament. Whatever were they thinking?

It is time to state clearly for the record that Theresa May’s “deal”, the Withdrawal Agreement, is dead and buried, never to be re-visited. Yet, all Conservative Party Leadership candidates want to re-negotiate this part or that part. How can they not see that the whole “agreement” is designed to trap the UK, forever. If the next PM was to burn a copy of the agreement on live TV, then I might have some confidence in the next Government. Until that happens, I’m voting for The Brexit Party and there are millions like me.


Boris Johnson’s high court challenge against the case brought by Marcus Ball has been upheld. As everyone thought, there is no charge to answer.

Lucky really, because if every politician had to face criminal charges for stretching the truth, the courts would be booked for years to come.

Theresa May, today, stands down as the leader of the Conservatives.

She lost the majority in the House of Commons gained by David Cameron in 2015. She also lost a vote in the House of Commons by the highest number of votes ever recorded in UK political history.

It is quite obvious that Theresa May had no intention whatsoever of leaving the EU without a deal, any deal to be honest. Her mantra “no deal is better than a bad deal” will go down in history as one of the biggest lies ever told to the British people, not as bad as Tony Blair perhaps, but, very close.

By going for a second vote on her deal, Theresa May allowed the commons to take over procedure in the House. Aided by the Speaker, they passed a law demanding May request an extension to Article 50. I doubt this was unforeseen by Theresa May and her Remainer cabinet. It just meant they could blame the MP’s for not having left on 29th March 2019. Obviously, anyone with any knowledge of parliamentary procedure would know this to be mis-representation, but many of the electorate are not that concerned with such details.

Theresa May signed the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU in late 2018. The backstop contained in that agreement means the UK can never exit the agreement without the consent of the EU. The only realistic way the EU would agree to the UK’s exit is that Northern Ireland would have to remain in The Customs Union, bound by Single Market rules and laws dictated by Brussels with no representation. Why Theresa May signed up to that will be debated for many years to come, especially as the DUP were vehemently opposed to it and she relied on them for her “majority”.

The rise of The Brexit Party shows the damage done to the Conservatives by their leader. I doubt anyone wishing great harm on the Conservatives could have done a better job.

Maybe the Conservatives can come back, but I personally doubt it. The only way out for them that I can see is to leave the EU on 31st October 2019 as required by UK law, and make a success of the mess resulting from May’s and Hammond’s refusal to prepare properly for a no deal exit. THAT is a BIG job by any standard.

The odds? 100/1, 200/1, 1000/1, who knows?

It is, and it always has been, a possibility that the UK could leave the EU with “no deal”. And it is the Government of the UK’s responsibility to prepare for that eventuality. After all, we don’t expect to be involved in a war anytime soon but that doesn’t mean we stand down our armed forces.

The resignation of Karen Wheeler, director general of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs Brexit border delivery group, prompted a source close to Wheeler to state “Nothing is happening in Whitehall now. Lots of people have been stood down on Brexit no-deal preparations and there is a general risk that people are just going to see this hiatus as an opportunity to clear off and go into the private sector”

If this unpreparedness doesn’t show the incompetence of a Theresa May led Conservative Government, I don’t know what does.

This after three years to prepare for the worst case.

That’s all the Conservatives have.

A pathetic slogan which means “I know we’re shit, but Corbyn is worse, so you may as well have us”.

A few hours after the Peterborough by-election and the Conservatives are still dismissing The Brexit Party.

The facts are that The Brexit Party will be more organised at the next election, be it a by-election or a General Election. Many, many more activists will leave the Conservatives to help The Brexit Party. Large Conservative donors will give their money to The Brexit Party and The Brexit Party will destroy the Conservative vote.

Third place is about all they can look forward to unless they plan to win a majority with BIG ideas.

Here’s a big idea. Leave the EU on 31st October and make a success of it. You are the party for the economy after all. It was your party that gave the UK electorate the referendum wasn’t it?