Operation: Destroy Boris

Just as the Conservative membership were about to fill out their ballot papers, up pops the story, that Theresa May did not trust her Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to view highly sensitive information as he was seen as a “security risk”. The timing was perfect, but, YouGov threw a spanner into the works by publishing its poll showing that support for Hunt’s campaign could fall below 25%. It looked certain that at least 70% of the members would vote for Johnson and make him the next leader of the Conservatives.

Then, just a couple of days later, leaked information from the UK’s Ambassador to the USA, Sir Kim Darroch, was splashed across the Sunday papers. The leaked information poured scorn on the US President Donald Trump and has the potential to wreck the “special relationship” between the two countries. Trump has promised a quick trade deal with the UK and, if the EU play hardball, the UK is going to need that deal to mitigate the losses from trade with the EU. What better way to put pressure on a Johnson Government than sour relations with the one man who can truly help.

The Globalists will stop at nothing to make their plans come to fruition. They demand borderless states and free movement of people. They support large multi-national corporations by lobbying for business regulation that only those large companies can afford to implement. They support the incorporation of robotics into the workplace to replace human workers who are expensive and baulk at working twenty four hours a day. They support “universal income” which would subjugate millions of redundant workers just as Stalin’s USSR made the population totally reliant on the communist state. The EU is actually the blueprint for the Globalist “new order”. The EU presents itself as a democratic entity, yet it is nothing of the sort, as evidenced, just a few days ago, by the “election” of the EU President and other powerful, high ranking officials. Brexit is seen as a total disaster and potentially the start of the dismantling of their pet project. Trumps election is seen in a similar light, as Trump takes on the Globalists by imposing tariffs on manufacturers based in China and Asia.

The sad fact is that when such sensitive, top secret information, as that provided by the UK’s Ambassador to the USA, is leaked, you know that the Globalists and their puppets in the UK are quite prepared to destroy anything to get what they want. They have £TRILLIONS, you have ONE vote. Who is representing you?

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