Nigel Farage Next Prime Minister?

It’s a long shot, currently at 100-1 or more, but, there is a possibility that Nigel Farage could be the next Prime Minister after Theresa May. Many people in the UK believe that the Conservative Leadership Contest will elect the next Prime Minister but that is not true. The membership of the Conservative Party will vote to elect the next leader of the party, but, the only one who can appoint a Prime Minister is the Queen. To become Prime Minister, the candidate must be the one “most likely” to achieve the confidence of the House of Commons, and, with a majority of only three, including the DUP, Boris Johnson may find himself leader but not PM. 

It is almost certain now that Johnson will be elected leader of the Conservatives. But, a possibility is that three or more Conservative MP’s may resign the whip to prevent him becoming Prime Minister. Dominic Grieve, Kenneth Clarke and Rory Stewart are “in the frame” here, but there are several more “rebels”, who can save themselves the ignominy of voting against their own Government in a vote of no confidence brought by Corbyn, if they resign the whip with a view to ensuring Johnson cannot become Prime Minister without first being elected by the people. It’s a sort of second referendum without the tedium of trying to get a Bill through Parliament. Give the vote to the people? Resign the whip.

If this scenario were to come to pass, it would be in Johnson’s and the Conservatives interest to do a deal with The Brexit Party so that seats were not lost due to the vote being split. There are many seats that can be won easily by The Brexit Party and vice versa for the Conservatives. Liberal Remainers in the Conservative Party could be purged once and for all leaving the next Government with a comfortable majority to leave the EU with no deal and fulfill the promises made at the 2016 referendum.

The price for The Brexit Party’s co-operation could be Nigel Farage as Prime Minister in a coalition Government. That outcome is 100-1 on betting sites at the moment. The question is, why not 1000-1 or 1,000,000-1?

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