Labour Polling Fourth

In the Latest YouGov Poll for voting intentions at the next General Election, Labour are polling fourth with 18%, LibDems are polling 20%. The Conservatives have 24% support with The Brexit Party one point behind on 23%. In a General Election, no party would have a majority, but a Conservative coalition with The Brexit Party would be able to govern with a comfortable majority. The same, of course, also goes for a LibDem, Labour coalition, but, Labour have yet to declare if they support leaving the EU or remaining. Labour Party fence sitting is definitely leaving voters confused as to exactly what they stand for. The only way forward for the Labour Party now is to declare for remaining in the EU by revoking Article 50. That appears the only route to power for Jeremy Corbyn.

The poll found that Labour had fallen by 2 percentage points since last week, suggesting its Brexit stance is inflicting damage

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