Jet Wash & Landscaping

We were required to jet wash the front drive, back patio and side of this house in Bolton. Also, we were asked to create three beds so the homeowners could plant flowers.

There was a huge amount of weed in the block paving joints, but our petrol pressure washer took care of it.

block paving after jet washing in Bolton

We created a bed which had a used exhaust and other material dumped there.

untidy garden before creating the planting bed

exhausting work!

Creating a new bed for planting in Bolton

The front lawn was covered in moss and the bed was covered in weeds.

Front lawn needs moss removal in Bolton

The front lawn was de-thatched, scarified then seeded. Rocks were moved from the existing bed and placed around the lawn and the bed was dug over ready for planting.

Front lawn tidy and planting bed created in Bolton

The bed at the back of the house was overgrown and full of weeds…

Block paving and garden overgrown with weeds in Bolton

So, we weeded the area, dug it over and added top soil ready for planting…

Block paving free of weeds and back garden weeded in Bolton

The homeowner was pleased with the transformation.

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