David Gauke appears to dislike “populist politicians” who tell the electorate “what they want to hear”. He, along with several others in Theresa May’s Government, including May herself, “negotiated” the worst deal in history, now known as The Withdrawal Agreement. Mrs May actually signed this document. These politicians treat the electorate with contempt by holding teleconferences with large Multi-National Corporations to gauge the views of around 150 CEO’s on the details of the UK’s “transition” from EU member to EU satellite. The Withdrawal Agreement was never intended to allow an “independent trade policy” for the UK. Once the UK ceases to be a member of the EU, not one of the free trade agreements negotiated by the EU will apply to the UK and a “customs arrangement” provides a tariff free backdoor into the UK market for any  non EU country with a FTA. The Backstop is a de facto Customs Union that the UK can never leave without EU approval. Why would the EU even consider letting the UK operate as an independent trading nation? The Withdrawal Agreement is simply designed to fool the electorate into thinking we have left the EU when nothing could be further from the truth. That is the reason it failed by the largest vote in parliamentary history. Theresa May was even on the phone to her 150 CEO’s while at the same time ignoring the DUP, the political party that was allowing her to remain in power.Continue reading

Even though the mainstream media would have you believe that MP’s prevented the UK leaving the EU on 29th March 2019, that is pure propaganda. The fact is, it was in Theresa May’s power to leave the EU on the “exit day”. That was the law and MP’s cannot change the law.Continue reading

We are stuck with “deal” or “no deal”, but, that is Theresa May’s creation. Whoever said there had to be a Withdrawal Agreement? Certainly not EU law which states that if no agreement were to be struck, then membership ceases two years from the first invocation of Article 50.

No, the Withdrawal Agreement always was a non starter. Designed simply to bog the UK down in the minutiae of EU law which we should now be free of. The UK Government would have been much better off talking trade with the USA, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Those deals could now be done and we could be starting trade talks with the EU (if we actually wanted to that is).

The UK Government expresses a desire to be “independent” yet gives credence to the false claims of the EU designed to trap and hobble our nation in perpetuity.

For example, the backstop is a ridiculous notion which sets out to re-write an international treaty between the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Nowhere in the British Irish Agreement does it say that an open border between the Republic of Ireland and the UK must be maintained, yet you would think that the British Irish Agreement consisted of just that one clause if you were to believe main stream media. The EU states it is perfectly acceptable to trample on the rights of Unionists to protect the people of Northern Ireland from terrorists. Absolute drivel. Northern Ireland is a sovereign region of the UK, what right does a foreign power have to interfere in our sovereign rights? The EU state that their laws require border checks, well for their information, sovereign nations have border rights too. If terrorism was to become rife, we have a capable armed force to deal with it. The Irish border is literally nothing to do with the EU. It is a matter for the UK and the Republic of Ireland as the signatories of the international treaty they are bound to.

The “divorce bill” of £39 BILLION will certainly balloon to well over that amount. Yet the EU have very few legal claims to any money settlement from the UK. That is an absolute fact and, if, the EU wish to claim money from the UK, they should approach the UK as and when the payments are due. Why is the UK’s “liability” being written into an international treaty? It is quite simply ridiculous.

The EU have threatened the UK for over three years now. They have threatened to block our trucks, ground our planes and not contemplate trade with us until the ludicrous Withdrawal Treaty becomes international law. What a bunch of losers they are. If their club is so great, why do they need to make an example of any member that leaves? Surely countries should be queuing to replace us in this fantastic Supra National entity. Are they?

And what about EU law being written to the UK statute without representation from UK lawmakers. Who would even think up such a thing. In wartime, a defeated nation would possibly have such a clause forced upon them, but why would the UK Government even look at such a suggestion? Not only did they look at it, they signed up to it in November 2018 and then attempted to get it ratified in Parliament. Whatever were they thinking?

It is time to state clearly for the record that Theresa May’s “deal”, the Withdrawal Agreement, is dead and buried, never to be re-visited. Yet, all Conservative Party Leadership candidates want to re-negotiate this part or that part. How can they not see that the whole “agreement” is designed to trap the UK, forever. If the next PM was to burn a copy of the agreement on live TV, then I might have some confidence in the next Government. Until that happens, I’m voting for The Brexit Party and there are millions like me.