So says the liberal remainer wing of the Conservative Party. David Gauke just tweeted that, whilst drumming up support for Rory Stewart.

Here is Rory Stewart’s plan…

“I’ll present the Withdrawal Agreement to Parliament for a vote” (vote number 4 that is).

“So, what will you try to get changed in the Withdrawal Agreement to make it acceptable?”.

“I won’t change anything. I will change the minds of MP’s who voted against it before.”

OK. Sounds reasonable. If you want the Conservatives to cease to exist as a political party that is.

The fact is, The Brexit Party are praying for Rory Stewart to become next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. They will be practically guaranteed a majority at the next General Election.

Come on Rory!

OK, Rory Stewart would stick with the Withdrawal Agreement.

“What would you change to make it acceptable”

“Nothing, I would change the minds of MP’s so they would accept it”


That probably means the UK never leaves the EU and parliamentary time for the next three years is devoted entirely to getting the Withdrawal Agreement accepted. But, how do you vote on something that has been rejected three times when Bercow has ruled that is unconstitutional?

THAT is your plan?


Some Conservative MP’s have actually voted for Rory Stewart to become next Prime Minister of the UK.

These guys just don’t want to remain in power, or for the Conservative Party to exist.

Monday June 17

15.00 – 19.00: Second hustings.

By 19.00: Notification of proxy vote for second ballot.

Tuesday June 18

By 13.00: Notification of proxy vote for third ballot.

15.00 – 17.00: Second ballot.

18.00 approx: Announcement of result.

20.00: Deadline for candidate withdrawal.

Wednesday June 19

15.00 – 17.00: Third ballot.

18.00 approx: Announcement of result.

By 19.00: Notification of proxy votes for fourth and fifth ballots.

20.00: Deadline for candidate withdrawal.

Thursday June 20

10.00 – 12.00: Fourth ballot.

13.00 approx: Announcement of result.

14.00: Deadline for candidate withdrawal.

15.30 – 17.30: Fifth ballot.

18.00 approx: Announcement of result.

Friday June 21

12.00: Deadline for candidate withdrawal (if necessary)



Quote from Jeremy Hunt today…

“What European leaders say is that, of course, if someone approached them with some new ideas they would look at the whole package, and of course, they are willing to do that because they don’t want a no-deal Brexit either.”

EU leaders are actually saying “we will not re-open the Withdrawal Agreement that Theresa May signed.” I think they’ve said that the same number of times that Theresa May said “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

Even I know that to begin negotiations again would lead to a further extension or extensions with no clear path to agreement. That tactic has been used to extremis by Theresa May and has cost 10,000 jobs in the automotive industry and 25,000 jobs in the steel industry.

Hunt is just a male version of the last Prime Minister and has nothing to offer this country. I’m sure if he became Prime Minister, he would revoke Article 50, because in his mind the only choices are, ratify the Withdrawal Agreement or Remain, and he know the Withdrawal Agreement will never be ratified.

The next PM will be male. The top seven candidates for the Conservative Leadership will go through to the second ballot on Tuesday.

MP’s in the Conservative Parliamentary Party have voted as follows…

Boris Johnson – 114

Jeremy Hunt – 43

Michael Gove – 37

Dominic Raab – 27

Sajid Javid – 23

Matt Hancock – 20

Rory Stewart – 19

Andrea Leadsom – 11

Mark Harper – 10

Esther McVey – 9





JUNE 10th

Nominations for the candidates will open at 10am and close at 5pm.

Each candidate needs at least eight nominations from fellow MPs to move forward into the race (this is a change due to the volume of candidates. Previously, candidates only needed two nominations).

The full list of final candidates will be announced by the 1922 Committee at 5.30pm.

JUNE 11th and 12th

Candidates will take part in the first husting event. It’ll be for Conservative MPs only.

No media will be allowed in the room.

JUNE 13th

The first ballot of Tory MPs will take place in Committee Room 14 in Parliament.

Each MP must cast a vote, by proxy if they can’t be there in person.

1922 Committee’s co-chairmen, Dame Cheryl Gillan and Charles Walker, will announce the results once they’ve been counted.

Candidates need to win five percent of the vote (a total of 17 MPs) to move on to the next round – if they don’t, they’ll be eliminated from the race.

JUNE 17th

Candidates will take part in a second private hustings event organised by the 1922 Committee.

JUNE 18th to 20th

A second ballot of Tory MPs will take place.

This time, candidates need 10 percent of the vote (a total of 33 MPs) to stay in the race.

These votes will continue, with the candidate with the lowest number of votes eliminated until only two candidates remain.