The latest YouGov poll of Conservative members puts Jeremy Hunt on 26% with Boris Johnson taking 74% of the vote. The “surge” alluded to by the Hunt team, appears to have evaporated (did it ever exist? Is Jeremy Hunt as good a negotiator as he claims?). Anyway, if Boris Johnson is elected by the Conservative membership, he will become the Leader of the Party, but not the Prime Minister. The Queen will then appoint the person “most likely” to achieve the confidence of the House of Commons. The Conservatives, together with the DUP, have a majority of three, so, if Boris is offered the Prime Ministers job by the Queen, look out for any Conservative MP’s resigning the Party whip to create an immediate constitutional crisis. Of course, Conservative MP’s could resign the whip the moment Johnson is elected Leader, which would then provide a quandary for the Queen. Without a working majority, Johnson could not be the most likely to achieve the confidence of the House. In that instance, Theresa May could put forward a humble address to state her confidence in Johnson, however, this tactic opens a door to amendments which could scupper Johnson’s stated aim to achieve a no deal Brexit on 31st October 2019. Continue reading

That’s the message being pushed by Guardian writer Polly Toynbee, who is dismayed by the fact that the next Prime Minister will be chosen by mostly white, males in the Conservative members vote. She is essentially putting an argument forward to change the rules if you stop liking the game. In 2016, we had a “once in a lifetime” referendum and the Government agreed to “honour the result”. We had a General  Election in 2017 where the majority of parties ran on “leave the EU” manifesto’s. The “game” is called “first past the post”, it’s been played for hundreds of years but now, all of a sudden, some left leaning, globalist loving, europhiles don’t like how the game is turning out. They obviously don’t like to lose.

I have an idea, let’s change the rules so that a political party has just two years before they have to face an online petition. If enough people don’t like their policies, then a General Election is called. After all, most people get fed up with Governments after two years don’t they? Alternatively, we could just accept the fact that a Government gets elected for five years and gets to do anything they can get away with till the next election. It’s called democracy. Go Boris!

Two spoiled ballot papers in the result just announced, which is a first, and Javid eliminated.

Boris Johnson – 157

Jeremy Hunt – 59

Michael Gove – 61

Sajid Javid – 34


Amber Rudd told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I find all this conversation about lending votes rather discrediting of the system. Each MP has a really important responsibility to think about who can deliver us from this real difficulty that we’re in and who will be a prime minister.Continue reading

So says the liberal remainer wing of the Conservative Party. David Gauke just tweeted that, whilst drumming up support for Rory Stewart.

Here is Rory Stewart’s plan…

“I’ll present the Withdrawal Agreement to Parliament for a vote” (vote number 4 that is).

“So, what will you try to get changed in the Withdrawal Agreement to make it acceptable?”.

“I won’t change anything. I will change the minds of MP’s who voted against it before.”

OK. Sounds reasonable. If you want the Conservatives to cease to exist as a political party that is.

The fact is, The Brexit Party are praying for Rory Stewart to become next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. They will be practically guaranteed a majority at the next General Election.

Come on Rory!

OK, Rory Stewart would stick with the Withdrawal Agreement.

“What would you change to make it acceptable”

“Nothing, I would change the minds of MP’s so they would accept it”


That probably means the UK never leaves the EU and parliamentary time for the next three years is devoted entirely to getting the Withdrawal Agreement accepted. But, how do you vote on something that has been rejected three times when Bercow has ruled that is unconstitutional?

THAT is your plan?


Some Conservative MP’s have actually voted for Rory Stewart to become next Prime Minister of the UK.

These guys just don’t want to remain in power, or for the Conservative Party to exist.

Monday June 17

15.00 – 19.00: Second hustings.

By 19.00: Notification of proxy vote for second ballot.

Tuesday June 18

By 13.00: Notification of proxy vote for third ballot.

15.00 – 17.00: Second ballot.

18.00 approx: Announcement of result.

20.00: Deadline for candidate withdrawal.

Wednesday June 19

15.00 – 17.00: Third ballot.

18.00 approx: Announcement of result.

By 19.00: Notification of proxy votes for fourth and fifth ballots.

20.00: Deadline for candidate withdrawal.

Thursday June 20

10.00 – 12.00: Fourth ballot.

13.00 approx: Announcement of result.

14.00: Deadline for candidate withdrawal.

15.30 – 17.30: Fifth ballot.

18.00 approx: Announcement of result.

Friday June 21

12.00: Deadline for candidate withdrawal (if necessary)



Quote from Jeremy Hunt today…

“What European leaders say is that, of course, if someone approached them with some new ideas they would look at the whole package, and of course, they are willing to do that because they don’t want a no-deal Brexit either.”

EU leaders are actually saying “we will not re-open the Withdrawal Agreement that Theresa May signed.” I think they’ve said that the same number of times that Theresa May said “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

Even I know that to begin negotiations again would lead to a further extension or extensions with no clear path to agreement. That tactic has been used to extremis by Theresa May and has cost 10,000 jobs in the automotive industry and 25,000 jobs in the steel industry.

Hunt is just a male version of the last Prime Minister and has nothing to offer this country. I’m sure if he became Prime Minister, he would revoke Article 50, because in his mind the only choices are, ratify the Withdrawal Agreement or Remain, and he know the Withdrawal Agreement will never be ratified.

The next PM will be male. The top seven candidates for the Conservative Leadership will go through to the second ballot on Tuesday.

MP’s in the Conservative Parliamentary Party have voted as follows…

Boris Johnson – 114

Jeremy Hunt – 43

Michael Gove – 37

Dominic Raab – 27

Sajid Javid – 23

Matt Hancock – 20

Rory Stewart – 19

Andrea Leadsom – 11

Mark Harper – 10

Esther McVey – 9