Leo Varadkar is not in any position to back down from his stated position on the Irish border. He is resolute that the only solution is for the UK to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement. Mr Varadkar is only governing through a confidence and supply agreement with Fianna Fáil. He is also under pressure from the EU to publish details of how he intends to protect The Single Market in the event of a no deal Brexit by the UK on 31st October 2019. The EU will expect the Irish border to be secured on the Republic’s side by 1st November at the latest and Varadkar is under no illusion that he will have to comply. Only 7% of Republic of Ireland citizens want the EU to strip the Backstop from the Withdrawal Agreement, so it would not be a wise move for any politician in the Republic to back down now.Continue reading

Just listening to an interview on YouTube with a Republic of Ireland Senator. First, it is a matter of fact that the Backstop (although it wasn’t called that at the time) was presented to the British Government by the EU in November 2017. It hadn’t been agreed by the UK, it appeared as a bullet point on a draft agreement. It was then, it is now, a de facto customs arrangement that keeps the UK locked in…forever. There is no unilateral exit..ever. On the one hand the Republic of Ireland Senator states that there is nowhere in the world that technology has been used to solve transit of goods and people across borders without some form of “friction”, stoppages, checks, infrastructure etc. On the other hand the Irish Senator repeatedly calls the Backstop an “insurance policy”. The inference here is that the Backstop will never be used even though “alternative arrangements” is a “unicorn”.Continue reading

Leo Varadkar has agreed that The Republic of Ireland will have to protect the EU’s Single Market in the event of a no deal Brexit. That means simply that the border will be closed as it was in the 2001 foot and mouth epidemic. Border infrastructure will be raised on the Republic’s side and passports and goods will be checked. The Republic of Ireland is under mounting pressure from the EU to publish details of the measures it will implement to ensure the security of The Single Market.Continue reading

A report by the EU predicted that Irish farmers would lose around £5,000,000,000 in lost exports if the UK leaves the EU to trade on it’s WTO schedule. The study prepared for the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development lays bare the full potential impact of a hard Brexit and singles out Ireland as one of the most badly hit member states.Continue reading

Just as the Backstop is only a “insurance policy” in case “alternative arrangements” cannot be found, so The Brexit Party is a “insurance policy” in case Boris Johnson and the Conservatives fail to deliver a “proper” Brexit on 31st October 2019. However, it could be that as the Backstop is actually a “customs arrangement” in perpetuity, so The Brexit Party are the ONLY political party that can get us out of this mess created by the liberal remainer wing of the Tory Party.

We await the outcome with baited breath.

A lot of mainstream media are criticising Boris Johnson of “dark arts” in the Tory Leadership Elections. The fact is Team Johnson play to win. Boris Johnson’s message is that the UK’s interests must come first in any negotiation with the EU. The route to no deal is clear, simply because, it is written in UK law, that the UK will cease to be a member of the EU on 31st October 2019.Continue reading

The “land bridge” between the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe is so important to the Republic of Ireland’s economy that the EU will implement technology along the border between the the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, a sovereign territory of the UK.

It is absolutely vital to the Irish Republics’ economy that freight is allowed to pass freely over UK territory including mainland UK.

The UK has already signed up to the Common Transit Area to reduce tariffs when crossing multiple borders and would welcome “magical thinking” from the EU to solve the border problem on the island of Ireland. However, do not expect the implementation of technological solutions to be incorporated into the Withdrawal Agreement. It is vital to the interests of the EU that the UK is locked into a permanent customs union with no unilateral right of exit, hence the backstop.

It is about time the UK started to look after the interests of the 5.7 million SME’s located in the UK, the majority of whom have never traded, and will never trade with the EU. The UK has nothing to fear from a “hard” Brexit and it time for Leadership to accept and embrace this fact for the good of the nation.

The EU are providing a good example by looking after the interests of one of its member states. Time the UK followed suit.