The “land bridge” between the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe is so important to the Republic of Ireland’s economy that the EU will implement technology along the border between the the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, a sovereign territory of the UK.

It is absolutely vital to the Irish Republics’ economy that freight is allowed to pass freely over UK territory including mainland UK.

The UK has already signed up to the Common Transit Area to reduce tariffs when crossing multiple borders and would welcome “magical thinking” from the EU to solve the border problem on the island of Ireland. However, do not expect the implementation of technological solutions to be incorporated into the Withdrawal Agreement. It is vital to the interests of the EU that the UK is locked into a permanent customs union with no unilateral right of exit, hence the backstop.

It is about time the UK started to look after the interests of the 5.7 million SME’s located in the UK, the majority of whom have never traded, and will never trade with the EU. The UK has nothing to fear from a “hard” Brexit and it time for Leadership to accept and embrace this fact for the good of the nation.

The EU are providing a good example by looking after the interests of one of its member states. Time the UK followed suit.