I find it very strange that some think Parliamentarians are heroes when attempting to block a hard Brexit. They hail it as “democracy”.

Those same people would be happy if the UK Government were to revoke Article 50 without going to Parliament for a vote. They would hail that as “democracy”.

The facts are that the decision to leave or remain in the EU was given to the people in 2016. That is what the referendum was all about. That is why people voted in the 2017 General Election for parties which stated they would leave the EU.

This denial of democracy is not going to end well for the UK.

I’m not even talking about a Corbyn Government. Our principles of “first past the post” democracy have been severely damaged by the mainstream media (including the BBC) and agitators, bought and paid for by anti democratic entities. The pictures from Corbyn’s protest against Trump last week showed rows and rows of manufactured placards. Demonstrators are paid to be there. Social media is crowded with paid for posts and comments.

This isn’t democracy, this is a war.