‘A person appointed by national government to conduct official negotiations and maintain political, economic and social relations to another country.’ Is the very definition of the UK Ambassadors job. However, Sir Kim Darroch is now the subject of the President of The United States wrath. He is to be shunned, and the only way he can carry out his role now is to watch CNN news for updates on the Trump Administration. Continue reading

I think it’s fantastic that Donald Trump won the last Presidential election. He came from nowhere. He wasn’t a politician, yet he destroyed the opposition from the professional political class. Bit like The Brexit Party really. THEY, call it POPULISM, THEY call it bad, but it’s democracy and it’s good that the people get to choose who leads them.

So, I have no problem with President Trump visiting the UK to commemorate D Day. Maybe some would have preferred that the Nazi regime won the Second World War. I don’t know. I have no understanding why so many people vilify this man.