Reading Philip Hammond’s article in The Daily Mail today, he asks how the two candidates propose to get us out of the EU by 31st October 2019. “While much has been said on the issue, little information has been conveyed” He states.

He then goes on “Changing prime minister does not change the Parliamentary arithmetic and I’m confident that, if pushed, Parliament will find a mechanism to prevent a premature No Deal exit happening on October 31”.Continue reading

Philip Hammond has said he will not serve under Boris Johnson if Boris gets to be the next Prime Minister.

What fabulous news for the front running Leadership contender.

Philip Hammond was the chief architect of the failed strategy to keep the UK shackled to the EU in perpetuity. The UK does around £200 billion a year trade with the EU, yet rather than mitigate the effects of any loss of trade once the UK had ceased to be a member of the supra national club, Hammond supported the EU’s rules that no trade talks would take place until after “exit day” and the UK would need to pay its financial “obligations” in full, those obligations to be incorporated into an international treaty. Hammond also accepted the backstop even though the UK has never agreed to an open border between the UK and the ROI. The backstop tramples on the rights of Unionists while promoting Republicanism, concepts alien to the Good Friday Agreement.

The worst aspect of Hammond’s time as Chancellor though was his refusal to commit funds to no deal preparations. The UK Government must put the UK first in any negotiation. Free trade deals should have been sought with the USA, Australia and New Zealand to mitigate losses of trade with the EU. Any losses created by a “hard” Brexit should have been planned for and covered by the Treasury. These measures were not taken, in the hope that a crisis could develop forcing UK lawmakers to ratify the horrific Withdrawal Agreement rather than face the “chaos” of “no deal”. Pure political theatre.

Austerity measures introduced by Hammond have practically destroyed the fabric of the UK at local level but, not one penny has been cleared from the National Debt. Hardly an “achievement”.

I hope Boris wins the Leadership and I hope we then see the back of Hammond and the rest of his remainers cronies. I would really like these people to explain their lack of preparation for a no deal scenario, but I doubt they will ever face the critical scrutiny they deserve.