Police are investigating five complaints of electoral malpractice, including bribery, in the Peterborough by-election which labour won by just 683 votes. People were seen photographing their ballot papers which suggests they could provide proof of their vote to fulfill their end of a “contract”. Votes for cash is a distinct possibility. There were also many instances of multiple persons entering voting booths, so called “family voting” where family members are told where to put their cross. These practices are illegal and must be stopped.

Also, Tariq Mahmood, a convicted vote rigger, was involved in Labour’s winning campaign. It is time our voting system was reformed, or at the very least, outlawed practices should be stamped on hard. People need to be jailed for attempting to rig the ballot.

All this taking place in a UK City, while the “Government” crows about Russian vote rigging.

That’s all the Conservatives have.

A pathetic slogan which means “I know we’re shit, but Corbyn is worse, so you may as well have us”.

A few hours after the Peterborough by-election and the Conservatives are still dismissing The Brexit Party.

The facts are that The Brexit Party will be more organised at the next election, be it a by-election or a General Election. Many, many more activists will leave the Conservatives to help The Brexit Party. Large Conservative donors will give their money to The Brexit Party and The Brexit Party will destroy the Conservative vote.

Third place is about all they can look forward to unless they plan to win a majority with BIG ideas.

Here’s a big idea. Leave the EU on 31st October and make a success of it. You are the party for the economy after all. It was your party that gave the UK electorate the referendum wasn’t it?

As soon as I heard the turnout had been around 48%, I knew that Labour would win the Peterborough by-election. A Labour activist had stated that they were concentrating on getting their vote out and if they could do that they would win. Looks like they succeeded, although they only won by 683 with The Brexit Party in second place, a party that formed just eight weeks ago, with very little local knowledge or data.

The Brexit Party can only get stronger and they will attract more donations. They need to work hard on their organisation, but they have help from many Conservative activists who have quit the party. If the Conservatives haven’t left the EU by the end of October, there will be more willing helpers from their ranks and while The Brexit Party may not win a snap General Election, they will destroy the Conservative vote as they have just done in Peterborough.

Nigel Farage is today hoping his party, The Brexit Party, wins the Peterborough by-election. If they do, it will be a fantastic achievement for a political party that formed just eight weeks ago, and, it may stop the negative publicity that was showered on the party after the recent EU elections when they won 32% of the vote but were roundly dismissed by the main stream media (thinking about it, it won’t, even if there is a landslide for Mike Greene).

The party is relatively unprepared, but, several former Tory activists are helping them out, with one stating that, while talking to people on the doorstep he was struck by just how many were planning to vote for The Brexit Party. “Getting endorsements on the doorstep is like shooting fish in a barrel” he said, and he should know, having helped the Conservative Party for the last 26 years in General, EU and local elections.

The opposition from Labour, however, is strong and they have a well oiled machine to get their vote out.

It could be close with The Brexit Party currently polling strongly.