While Gove was Minister for Education, he oversaw the implementation of reprimands for Teachers who took hard drugs like Cocaine and Heroin for example.

The penalty would be for those Teachers to be struck off and never allowed to teach again in the UK.

Having now confessed to taking Cocaine himself, the potential Leader of the Conservatives, has suffered a backlash from the mainstream media which has probably scuppered any chance he had of becoming the next Prime Minister.

Hopefully, he will now withdraw from the contest as soon as possible.

The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated and signed by Theresa May has alienated REMAINERS and LEAVERS.

Remainers can’t see why we would agree a deal that leaves the UK worse off than our present arrangement with the EU and Leavers can see clearly that the Withdrawal Agreement traps the UK in a customs arrangement with the EU until such time as Northern Ireland is left behind in The Customs Union and subject to EU rules. An effective United Ireland without the need for a referendum.

How many times have the EU stated that the Withdrawal Agreement cannot be opened for further negotiation? Probably as many times as Theresa May stated that “no deal is better than a bad deal”. A BBC documentary showed EU officials laughing at their TV screens when Theresa May stated the UK was serious about leaving the EU with no deal. THAT was never an option and EVERYONE on both sides knew it.

Gove will not negotiate a better deal. EVER.

The reality is that we either leave with no deal or we remain and any Conservative politician who states otherwise is attempting the same tactics employed by Theresa May.

Gove states that Parliament may force a General Election and/or block the UK leaving with no deal. He also states that Corbyn will then take power. From where I’m sitting, Gove doesn’t seem to have much faith in the party he is planning to lead. He also appears to be comfortable with the fact that senior Conservative MP’s will vote against his Government. Maybe he should be negotiating with them.

Theresa May had it in her power to leave the EU on 29th March 2019 with no deal, yet she allowed Parliament to take control of proceedings forcing her to request an extension, then another. Gove looks to be cut from the same cloth in my opinion.

The EU called “alternative arrangements” to the Irish border “magical thinking”. They are in absolute agreement that such “arrangements” do not, and will not, ever, exist. The UK Attorney General stated clearly that the UK has no unilateral exit rights from Theresa May’s deal once it has been ratified. Only a total idiot, or an enemy of the state would lock the UK into that deal. NO “unionist” should ever support the backstop. If the UK left the “customs arrangement” on the condition that Northern Ireland was left to the EU, would that not prompt a call for a similar deal from Scotland? I think it would.

Gove states…

“We have to remove any risk that we could be trapped in a backstop, so I will work with the Irish government and Brussels to secure a clear exit mechanism, compatible with the principle of consent for Northern Ireland.”

Not sure if that is before or after we sign the Withdrawal Agreement. If it’s before, then we can look forward to many more extension of Article 50 and payments of ¬£BILLIONS to our EU masters.