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For many years, the manufacturing sector of UK industry has been in decline, contributing less and less to the GDP of Britain.

Now, we are told that the loss of manufacturing jobs in the UK if we leave the EU will be “catastrophic” to the economy, and so, it is better if we were to remain. The UK is a £2 trillion a year economy. Manufacturing contributes a small fraction to that amount, yet it is now the tail wagging the dog of Brexit. How did that even happen?

It seems pretty obvious to anyone who cares to look closely, that, a few large multi-national companies are forming UK Government strategy with regard to Brexit. German auto manufacturers stated that a customs union with the UK was the minimum requirement for them. The backstop is just that. A permanent customs union with no unilateral exit for the UK.

The Withdrawal Agreement is quite simply a stitch up by large manufacturers in collusion with the UK Government.

How can it be anything else?

The jobs provided by large multi-national manufacturers are largely in the automotive industry. A decline in world sales, a collapse in diesel sales and the fact that people have less disposable income are making this industry, toxic. Transportation relying on fossil fuels has no future, a fact underlined by the UK Government seeming hell bent on passing zero carbon emission law.

How can the Government put forward an argument that states, the UK needs the auto industry to stay solvent, and at the same time, argue that fossil fuel transportation must be banned?

This is lunacy of the first order.

We are a small country with, relatively, high education standards. Our language is international. Our service industries are highly regarded.

Enough of this nonsense. Trade with the EU will not be ZERO should we leave without a so called “deal”.

We survived the collapse of 2008 and leaving the EU will be a cake walk in comparison. THAT is a fact.