Here is a quote made today by Jeremy Hunt…

‘I think I am more likely to get us out of the EU by October 31st because I’m a negotiator, I’m an entrepreneur, I have got a business background and negotiation is what I did every day of the week.Continue reading

Well, this is quite unbelievable. Jeremy Hunt is now claiming that if he becomes Prime Minister, the Union of the United Kingdom will be saved. Scotland will not rush to achieve independence, the prospects of a united Ireland will diminish and, as for Wales, all will be well.

But, if Hunt becomes the Prime Minister, we will be locked in a perpetual round of extensions of membership of the EU, presumably until The Brexit Party destroy the Conservative and Labour vote, form a Government and leave the EU. The only way that Hunt can guarantee the Union is by staying locked into the EU. Or so he seems to think.Continue reading

Jeremy Hunt has aligned himself with Donald Trump who is considering a military strike on Iran. Hunt supporting mainstream media outlets are reporting that the Foreign Secretary is prepared to support the USA in a military conflict with Iran. Donald Trump has imposed sanctions on Iran after the USA withdrew from the JCPoA, otherwise known as the Iran Nuclear Deal.

But, the UK Government, of which Jeremy Hunt is a member, does not support Donald Trumps actions since 7th August 2018, in fact, “in a joint statement, the leaders of the UK, France and Germany emphasised their continued commitment to the JCPoA. As such, the UK government continues to fully support expanding our trade relationship with Iran and encourages UK businesses to take advantage of the commercial opportunities that arise”.

It is obvious that Hunt is playing to the Conservative Party Membership in the leadership contest. He is trying to appear statesmanlike, yet, reading comments on the Daily Mail website, he is failing miserably with their readership who are totally opposed to another war in the Middle East. Go Jeremy!

Jeremy Hunt stated on Saturday that he is the man to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement so that it can pass a vote in the Commons. The agreement is terrible for the UK, but, after MP’s voted for the Brady Amendment in January, it is possible that the agreement could squeeze through a vote should the Backstop be removed. So, Jeremy Hunt obviously thinks he is the only man in the UK who can achieve this solution.Continue reading