So says Jeremy Corbyn as the motion put forward by Labour, to wrest the Commons timetable from the Government, is defeated by 11 votes yesterday.

I presume he’s talking about a vote of no confidence motion Labour will table in September? If so, the Conservatives may very well be cheering as the numbers are, after yesterday, no longer with the opposition and parties opposed to a hard Brexit.

And what if Labour do win their vote of no confidence? They won’t be able to form a Government, so, they’ll have to fight an election. If Boris Johnson is PM, it is likely that the Conservatives will win a majority, especially if the Government was brought down just as they were about to exit the EU with no deal. Hint: Leaving the EU is quite popular in the UK.

So, maybe the Conservatives won’t be cheering in September, but I doubt Labour will be cheering after they get the results of the General Election they have been pursuing relentlessly for the last three years.

Corbyn for PM?

It’s a sure thing</sarc>

Poor guy in the middle of Corbyn supporters yesterday got “milkshaked” and called “Nazi Scum” for expressing his support for Donald Trump. In fact he was eventually led away by police for his own safety.

I’m trying to think what would have happened to these protesters in 1930’s Germany.

They might have found out the actual meaning of the phrase “Nazi Scum” and pondered on that as they were led to the guillotine to face the blade. Nazi’s liked their victims to watch the blade as it took their lives, they were, after all, Nazi scum.

I doubt the poor guy yesterday is in the same league.

Very poor of the police to stand back and allow this to happen though.

Speaking against the elected Leader UK’s most important ally, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn stated…

“‘We are the living embodiment of what a democratic society is about”

I don’t see that. We had a referendum in 2016, LEAVE won. We had a General Election in 2017 where a majority of MP’s were elected on LEAVE manifesto’s.

Yet, we still haven’t left the EU even though the legal “exit day” was 29th March 2019.

No, the UK certainly isn’t the living embodiment of a democratic society.

Of that I am sure.

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