Just as the Conservative membership were about to fill out their ballot papers, up pops the story, that Theresa May did not trust her Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to view highly sensitive information as he was seen as a “security risk”. The timing was perfect, but, YouGov threw a spanner into the works by publishing its poll showing that support for Hunt’s campaign could fall below 25%. It looked certain that at least 70% of the members would vote for Johnson and make him the next leader of the Conservatives.Continue reading

The Globalist agenda is simple, move manufacturing to the East where wages are low, regulation is light, and energy is cheap. Close off all competition by raising regulation standards and energy costs in the West. The average worker in the West gets the advantage of cheap goods, the only down side being, they lose their job. The Globalists even have a solution to that in the form of socialised benefits and a proposed “universal income”. A consolation prize for all the unemployed left high and dry in the “developed” economies. The elite employ politicians to do their work, party “war chests” swell with globalist cash. The perks enjoyed are plain for all to see. You have one vote, they have $TRILLIONS. You lose pal.Continue reading