You do realise there is no such thing as “chlorinated chicken” don’t you?

Chicken isn’t “treated” with Chlorine in the USA, chicken isn’t “combined” with Chlorine.

The phrase “chlorinated chicken” has been invented to cast evil aspersions on the US food industry. And since this phrase has surfaced post Brexit, I think it is safe to assume that it is pure propaganda against Brexit and the possible US trade deal that may ensue.

You can chlorinate water and you can wash chicken with chlorinated water and even the EU agree that, that is SAFE (they really do). The objection is to the way chickens are bred in the USA, however…

“Over 70% of chickens raised for meat globally are raised in intensive industrial farming systems. This includes the majority of chickens in the UK, Europe, the US and China, as well as rapidly increasing numbers in developing countries.

In the European Union, intensively farmed chickens are bred to reach their slaughter weight in less than 6 weeks. This is less than half the time it would take traditionally. Their short lives are spent in overcrowded, dimly-lit sheds with no access to the outside.”

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A LOT of people are stating that EU standards are MUCH higher than the USA, but this simply isn’t true. Broiler chickens (raised for meat) have very little space whether in UK or USA. It is in the producers interest to provide the minimum space to allow the greatest yield with the fewest deaths before “maturity”. Do not be fooled into thinking that the chicken you eat in UK is “free range” when compared to the USA. It is nothing of the sort. You want to buy “free range”? It’s going to cost you at least £10 a bird (probably more).

Chlorinated water is used to wash broilers to ensure they are safe to consume. No one is suggesting that US broilers are dangerous to eat after being washed, but they are suggesting that the space that US broilers have is terrible when compared to the extra few millimetres that birds have in the EU (UK).

Food production is brutal in most “systems” and anyone looking at the above picture who thinks that isn’t cruel is probably not wired right.

One more thing. The UK is practically self sufficient in chicken and I doubt that much chicken would be imported from the USA. Food standards could drop though, leaving the broilers in UK with even less space (if that is possible).

I, personally think that the differences in food standards are massively overblown. We’re talking about the EU protecting its markets. Food production throughout the world is cruel and that is a fact. Don’t take my word, check out the link below…

Chickens farmed for meat