Talk about hobbling your economy. The UK produces 1% of all the carbon emission in the world. China produces around 30% of all carbon emissions. While the UK sits on billions of tons of coal which is “morally wrong” to burn, China has no problem building coal fired power stations. In fact they build one every two weeks and they look likely to continue this trend until at least 2030. How can this be justified?Continue reading

Scottish Power has become the first major energy supplier in the UK to generate all of its output from renewable energy sources.

That is quite an achievement and the company is now working on plans to develop huge batteries to store energy for later use.

This could be the future path for the UK. Maybe a zero emissions policy will be at the forefront of change in the UK. Electric vehicles powered by energy from wind power could be a realistic option. It is certainly a fact that the cost of renewable energy has fallen by 70% in the past few years.

We are a small country and the UK could take the lead in technological advances, but, that will only happen if there is “necessity”. After all, “necessity is the mother of invention”. In 2008, the UK suffered a “credit crunch”. Small firms all over the UK, there are 5.7 MILLION of them by the way, were told to pay off their overdrafts immediately. Loans could not be obtained. I know very few people, yet even I knew, personally, four people directly affected. Some were laid off, some were working three day weeks. There were literally millions of people affected and the country has barely recovered ten years later.

People who suggest leaving the EU will be worse than that are simply not telling the truth. THAT is a unicorn if ever such a thing existed.

Leaving the EU “cleanly” will mean the UK has to make it in the worldwide economy and we certainly have the means to do so. We just don’t need to. The UK is content with manufacturing millions of fossil fuel powered engines every year. The economy relies on the creation of low paid, low skill jobs. This is a recipe for disaster, when millions of people rely on the Government for regular payments in the form of state pensions, housing benefits and tax credits.

Austerity is killing our country, so, we either start to earn more or learn to live with poverty.

We need the creation of high tech jobs, and an immigration policy which favours the highly qualified. Whatever we do, we need to change direction and fast.

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Why is the UK Government passing a law to end fossil fuel emissions by 2050?

The Chancellor has stated for the record that it will cost the UK £1 TRILLION (one million, million pounds). At the same time, the world’s top polluters have made no such commitment and look set to continue polluting the planet.

Just another lunatic Conservative policy in my opinion. I doubt that the majority of politicians in UK will be happy until the UK is the world’s 50th or 60th largest economy. They truly seem intent on bankrupting us by preventing any company in this country from competing like for like with their competitors. We’re sitting on billions of tons of coal, while China builds a coal fired power station every week.

Cheap energy is required to compete on the world stage.

The decision by the UK Government to commit to the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme till 2022 will cost 25,000 jobs in the UK steel industry and has cost the taxpayer £120 million, a figure it is unlikely to get back as it was immediately paid from British Steel to the EU and British Steel has now entered administration.

If there was a real threat from global warming, the world would have stopped China and the USA in their tracks. They would be forced immediately to reduce emissions drastically. I repeat, forced.

UK’s unilateral legal commitment to zero emissions is pure lunacy.