In an effort to tease out a gaffe from Boris Johnson, the other candidates in the Leadership race will (so they say) participate in live TV debates before the next ballot.

There can be no other reason for such debates. Hopefully Boris will destroy his chances by saying something unforgivable. That is the low point that the Liberal wing of Conservatives have sunk to.

Who will vote in the second ballot?

Conservative MP’s.

Are they suggesting that Conservative MP’s don’t know who Boris is? Conservative MP’s haven’t a clue what he stands for?


If Boris Johnson makes it to the final two, he will face the Conservative Membership. Are they unaware who Johnson is?

I’m sure that Boris will debate on TV, if and when a General Election is called, until then, the Leadership Contest is a Conservative Party matter not for general public consumption.

If Boris refuses the offer to debate, that is his affair and would be the wise move to make.

He will have the chance to prove his worth to the general public through his actions as Prime Minister once he takes that office.

Propaganda about Boris proroguing Parliament abounds in today’s papers.

Fake news I’m afraid, designed to harm his Conservative Party Leadership bid.

Boris Johnson, should he become the next Prime Minister, has no need to consider proroguing Parliament to prevent a vote on no deal.

First, there will be no vote on leaving the EU without a deal. The law is clear, the UK’s “exit day” is now 31st October 2019 and Parliamentarians cannot change the law without Government assistance. MP’s voted to have an “exit day”, they will now have to live with that decision.

Second, the vote yesterday showed that the Government can beat a vote of no confidence or another move to take over Parliament.

By accusing Boris of considering proroguing Parliament, the mainstream media is attempting to show him up as a hard right dictator. It is just another aspect of “project fear”.

For the 17.4 million who voted to leave the EU in 2016, they can take comfort from the fact that there could now be two routes to a no deal exit from the EU. The first could be Boris Johnson delivering what the Conservatives promised. But, if he doesn’t get us out on 31st October 2019, the fall back position is provided by Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party.

Yesterday’s vote which defeated the cross party motion to take over the business of Parliament on 25th June, can, in my opinion, be put down to The Brexit Party’s showing at the EU elections and, indeed, the Peterborough by-election. The threat from Nigel Farage is very real.

MP’s now have a choice, get out of the EU on 31st October 2019 or risk losing their job.

Playtime is over.

With Bercow allowing Labour to present business motions in the House, a move traditionally reserved for Government, anything could happen before the 31st October 2019, UK’s official “exit date”.

If Boris Johnson were to win the Tory Leadership Contest, and either call a General Election or lose a vote of no confidence leading to a General Election, he could have a chance of winning a majority according to the latest ComRes poll commissioned by the Telegraph. The problem is that he would have to promise a clean break with the EU and the Conservatives have promised that before and let the electorate down.

The question is, in that case, would The Brexit Party supporters go back to the Conservatives with Johnson as Leader?

At the moment, Boris Johnson has the endorsement of sixty three MP’s, over twice as many as his nearest rivals, Gove and Hunt. The first vote will be held on Thursday.

Boris Johnson’s high court challenge against the case brought by Marcus Ball has been upheld. As everyone thought, there is no charge to answer.

Lucky really, because if every politician had to face criminal charges for stretching the truth, the courts would be booked for years to come.

Boris Johnson now has the backing of 46 Conservative MP’s while Hunt has 32, Gove 29, Raab 24, Javid 17  and Hancock 11.

Still a long way to go though.

‘There is a very real choice between getting Brexit done and the potential extinction of this great party – but I believe I can take on Farage and win back the voters being won over by him.’

So said Boris at last night’s leadership husting.

Cameron’s decision to allow a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU was in direct response to Nigel Farage’s party, UKIP, rising in the polls and their showing at the EU elections. Offering a referendum in the General Election brought back the voters and wiped UKIP off the political map.

Today, with the rise of The Brexit Party, the Conservative Party find themselves in exactly the same position as they were in 2014 and I think Boris Johnson is perfectly correct in his assessment of the choice facing the party. But, will he be supported within the parliamentary party? With a few senior Tories threatening to vote against the Government in a vote of no confidence, that remains to be seen.

My opinion is that IF Boris Johnson is elected Leader and IF the UK leaves on 31st October with no deal and IF the Government survives a confidence vote and IF the Conservatives make a success of “no deal”, they just might win the 2022 election.

Boris is the ONLY Conservative who can save the day, but, it is certainly not guaranteed to work. Nigel Farage’s The Brexit Party, will do well in a General Election and it may be too late to stop them.

Much better for the Conservatives had they left on 29th March 2019 with no deal and made a success of it. They like to say they are the best party to deal with the economy and that they saved the country from Labour mis-spending, but they appear not to believe their own propaganda. To tell the truth, they look very scared of the prospect of leading an independent UK.

Maybe best to leave it to Nigel.