Rather than agree to participate in the useless TV debate on the BBC, Boris Johnson should boycott the event.

The BBC have removed the rights of the over 75’s to a free TV Licence. They pay their “stars” £millions from the money raised by the TV tax, and they allow their “public service”, “impartial” network to be used by any left wing lunatic in the land while blocking access for right wing democrats. Their relentless negative coverage of Brexit has been an embarrassment.

So why isn’t Boris telling them where to get off?

Jo Brand’s “joke” on the BBC Radio 4 program “heresy” is being hailed as “free speech”.

Let’s get a few facts straight here.

The program was recorded, and that “joke” has now been edited out, as it should have been prior to broadcast. The “joke” was politically biased against right wing “extremists” yet the BBC must be impartial as the terms of its charter require.

The whole program was against Brexit, yet not one solid piece of evidence was put forward. “Brexit is bad” shouldn’t be the basis for a radio show on a public service network.

Was the public served by this trash?

The BBC saved £700,000 taking free licences from the old.

Time they were put out to compete in the real world.

How long would a commercially funded Victoria Coren Mitchell last?

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I thought my hearing had gone wrong. I could have sworn that Jo Brand said something like “why use milkshake when you can use battery acid”. That was on a BBC Radio 4 program called “Heresy” hosted by Victoria Coran Mitchell.

Searching for a reference to that on the internet, I found the actual quote which was…

“Certain unpleasant characters are being thrown to the fore and they are very very easy to hate. And I’m kinda thinking, why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid”

Maybe Jo Brand was referring to the old ex-forces veteran supporting The Brexit Party at the EU elections a couple of weeks ago. Battery acid? I find that comment very offensive to be honest. Is it even close to being funny? How is it even allowed on the BBC?

As to taking free TV licences away from old folk. Wasn’t it the elderly who voted for Brexit? Maybe the BBC don’t mind punishing such “extremists” in the name of “democracy”. Who knows what is going on here? The saving to the BBC is £700,000 so it’s quite a strange decision for an organisation that relies on goodwill for its survival.

The clip is at https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0005t9g (you will have to sign in to hear it though).

If you wish to complain to the BBC, the telephone number is 03700 100 222

BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922